13 May 2003

Solomons Government told it must call Parliament to give country direction

5:26 pm on 13 May 2003

A prominent civil society commentator in Solomon Islands says Parliament must be called now to provide the country with leadership.

John Roughan says the threats leading to the shut down of the banks is another indication of the Solomons being allowed to meander along.

He says the Government could have shown leadership over the Family Charity Fund scam a year ago but chose not to and it has festered into a crisis.

Last week the Government said it would not call Parliament until November but Mr Roughan says they must call it now because their efforts to restore the economy and law and order have been grossly inadequate.

"this country is worth saving...I've taken citizenship out. It's my country just as much as the members of parliament and I don't want to see it go down the drain...It's a great country, it's got great people. I want to see it saved, but it means it needs leadership and if the leadership cannot be found in the present government, then lets look at the other members of parliament."