15 May 2003

Fiji magistrate works to rule

10:31 am on 15 May 2003

A report from Fiji says a magistrate has gone on a work to rule and some police are having to hitchhike to attend to crime.

The Fiji Times says Labasa magistrate Maika Nakora has been hearing 300 to 400 cases a day for the last four months and now says he will no longer torture himself by doing the jobs of two people.

Mr Nakora says he is becoming frustrated, van no longer endure the pressure and will hear no more cases in a day than he is required to do.

Mr Nakora says Labasa should have two magistrates but the judicial department has not sent a second one all this year.

Meanwhile, police at Nadi are reported to have been hitch hiking for the last two days to attend to crimes after their only vehicle broke down an was sent for repairs.

A senior officer has confirmed that police are having to stop private vehicles and ask if they can be take to the scene of a crime.