19 Jun 2003

Two now arrested over killing of missonary in Solomon Islands

10:49 am on 19 June 2003

A second suspect in the killing of missionary Lance Gersbach on Malaita in Solomon Islands is being questioned by police in Honiara

Mark Nasusu was arrested by police on Malaita after several weeks of negotiations encouraging him to surrender.

The first suspect in the killing, Silas Eddy Laefilamo, who was arrested just days after the murder last month, appeared in the magistrate's court yesterday but has been further remanded for another 14 days.

Neither man has been charged yet.

Mr Gersbach, who managed the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital at Atoifi, was beheaded while working there on Sunday May 18th.

A church official has said that the killer was motivated to commit the murder after he was refused passage on the church's cargo barge travelling to Atoifi from Honiara.