17 Jun 2003

Rabuka supports a multi-national response to Solomons security problems

4:13 pm on 17 June 2003

Fiji's former prime minister Sitiveni Rabuka says he supports Australia's proposal of armed intervention in Solomon Islands to restore law and order there.

He says he would back any requests for Fiji to deploy police and troops to the Solomons as part of a multilateral response.

Mr Rabuka, who was sent to the Solomons as the Commonwealth's Special Envoy during the ethnic tension in 2000, says the country is on the road to destruction and drastic action is needed.

"While every nation has got the sovereignty issue to consider, there's also a time when very very drastic actions have to be considered in saving the life of a nation."

Sitiveni Rabuka.

Meanwhile Papua New Guinea's Foreign Minister says he'll attend a regional security meeting by the Pacific Islands Forum with the intention of discussing Australia's proposal with member countries.

The meeting will be held in Fiji tomorrow.