11 Jun 2003

Cook Islands group to continue push for reduction in MPs

3:57 pm on 11 June 2003

The Cook Islands Group for Political Change is to continue its push for a reduction in the number of MPs.

Elizabeth Ponga says three of the reforms the group was advocating for will have a third reading in parliament at the end of the month.

These include the abolition of the overseas seat, a reduction in the term of parliament to four years and the abolition of the 1976 superannuation scheme.

Ms Ponga says although they've been successful with these reforms, the MPs are reluctant to look at reducing their own numbers.

"People still believe that it's got to be addressed but the question arises, which one and how because of the political affiliations , politics is saying it's the seat that we have , so they will not let go, so it's the strength in numbers, that they are looking for more so than the need of the country at this point."

Elizabeth Ponga says the group will continue to push for change.