22 May 2003

Guam audit shows workers paid for 37 hours a day

6:10 pm on 22 May 2003

An audit report on the Guam Waterworks Authority has revealed that some employees were paid for working 37 hours a day during restoration efforts after Typhoon Chata'an.

The Public Auditor's report showed six instances in a two-week period in which five Authority employees were paid for working more than 24 hours per day.

There were eight other instances where employees worked for more than 16 hours per day during the typhoon recovery.

The audit also showed the agency won't be able to recoup most of the 3-POINT-6 million US dollars in typhoon-damages it suffered because of a lack of documentation.

The Authority interim General Manager, David Craddic, says he believes the audit may be misleading because of the poor organisational practices of the former management.