9 Jul 2003

Fiji's Telpac files for court injunction against FINTEL

3:40 pm on 9 July 2003

The Telpac company in Fiji is taking the country's monopoly international telecommunications provider, FINTEL, to court.

Telpac's chief executive, Tim Gibbons, says they've filed a criminal complaint against FINTEL because it's not directly routing calls which is costing consumers millions of dollars a year.

Mr Gibbons says Telpac now wants a court injunction to force FINTEL to immediately stop their practise of re-routing calls.

"We're going in to seek injunctive relief right now..we should be in the courts in the next 48 to 72 hours, we hope...for injunctive relief forcing FINTEL to redirect that traffic to the path it is supposed to go. even under its Southern Cross agreements, it should be doing....and that way at least we can stop the bleeding for the Fiji economy and the Fiji people"

Mr Gibbons says they've put tracers on the calls and FINTEL, which is 49 percent owned by Cable and Wireless and 51 percent by the Fiji government, hasn't directly routed a call for the last four months.