25 Jun 2003

Emergency meetings to try and stop PNG Coalition Government from splintering

4:13 pm on 25 June 2003

Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister, Sir Michael Somare, is holding an emergency meeting with his coalition partners to ensure the survival of his government.

This comes after James Yali, who is a founding member of the ruling National Alliance party, asked Sir Michael to sack him so that he can become an opposition MP.

James Yali, who is Madang's Governor says Sir Michael is complacent and incompetent and he's allowed a number of government ministers to control him.

Mr Yali says he has the support of other governors and that many of the smaller coalition partners will follow him if he is sacked.

"I also met with the Prime Minister and I spoke to him about what the coalition partners are thinking and about my frustrations and he always says, remove this and at the end of the day, you don't get anything..... and we have advisers and persons to be useless"

Leaders of the coalition parties are very very much behind what I have said.....They are completely happy that at least I could speak what's been in their hearts and minds all along.

A further parliamentary session is being held late this afternoon.