9 Jun 2003

NZ opposition backs proposed armed intervention in Solomon Islands

2:44 pm on 9 June 2003

New Zealand's opposition says it supports a security review of Solomon Islands that may result in the deployment of armed police or military forces.

The National Party's spokesperson on foreign affairs, Wayne Mapp, says a regional approach to restore law and order in Solomon Islands should be combined with efforts to overcome tribal strife.

Mr Mapp says more should be done that just diplomacy.

"We think intervention is necessary our major concern is that we don't make the mistakes of the past which is not intervening with enough force to actually make a difference it's a basic rule of international relations, if you're going to intervene with the invitation of the Solomons government it needs to be done at a sufficient level to actually change the situation otherwise were just back to the same pattern that we've been going around for the last few years."

Wayne Mapp