21 Jul 2003

Fiji Citizen's Freedom Movement wants a caretaker administration to take over

10:14 am on 21 July 2003

The President of Fiji's Citizen's Freedom Movement, James Bachu, has called on the president to dissolve parliament and appoint a caretaker administration for two years and then hold a general election .

Mr Bachu was responding to the Supreme Court decision ordering the prime minister. Laisenia Qarase, to form a multi-party cabinet with the Labour party without delay.

He says such a cabinet would place the country's peace and prosperity at risk.

Mr Bachu says the majority of citizens are not yet ready for a multi-party cabinet and would feel cheated and betrayed .

He also warns that the guns and ammunition missing during the 2000 coup are still not accounted for but it is common knowledge that they are in wrong hands.

Mr Bachu says Mr Chaudhry and the Labour party should accept the role of opposition and serve their constituents in that way.