20 Jun 2003

Solomons opposition MP reiterates call for PM to resign

10:40 am on 20 June 2003

An Opposition MP in Solomon Islands says the Prime Minister Sir Allen Kemakeza has to go if the country is to overcome its problems.

Alfred Sasako says the delay in calling Parliament to consider plans to try and overcome the country's lawlessness and its economic woes, is a sign the Government doesn't care about the continuing suffering of its people.

The Government has put back a session of Parliament to consider Australia's offer until July 8th, but Mr Sasako says the threat posed by people such as rebel Harold Keke is such that Parliament should have met yesterday.

Mr Sasako says he believes fear of a leadership challenge is also driving the delay, but he says Sir Allen has to go otherwise the Australian led initiatives will also fail.

"Until and unless the leadership issue is dealt with, whatever options we are talking about - in my view - could be doomed from the start."