3 Jul 2003

Fiji Crisis centre opposes ministers support of corporal punishment

9:29 am on 3 July 2003

The Fiji Womens' Crisis Centre says they will protest to the Minister of Education over her support for the re-introduction of corporal punishment in schools.

Spokesperson Edwina Kotoisuva, says there are alternative ways of disciplining students that should be followed.

Ms Kotoisuva says the minister, Ro Teimumu Kepa, should not be supporting calls by the indigenous Fijian Teachers Association and the Great Council of Chiefs for children to be hit.

"We have very grave concerns about that in particular when they've just completely overlooked the High Court judgement, which ruled that corporal punishment in schools should be withdrawn altogether. And so we have grave concerns about that."

Ms Kotoisuva says re-introducing corporal punishment will simply encourage a culture of violence.

She says 66 percent of all women in Fiji have endured domestic violence.