31 Jul 2003

New Zealand Government elaborates on Solomons aid package

4:19 pm on 31 July 2003

The New Zealand Government says it has reached agreement with the Solomon Islands government on how increased aid will be allocated.

The money goes towards primary education, law and justice and small business development.

New Zealand announced earlier this month it would increase its aid to Solomon Islands this year by 75 percent to 8 million US dollars.

The Aid Minister Marion Hobbs says 5 million of this will go towards the salaries of qualified primary teachers who have been paid irregularly for months.

It will also be used to provide basic materials such as chalk, desks, books and teaching materials.

There will also be an allocation for tertiary education and strategic planning in education.

New Zealand will also help complete the building of the Rove prison in Honiara, and provide funding for good governance programmes.

And it will fund the Small Business Enterprise Centre which offers course on how to run a business.