1 Aug 2003

Guam Governor remains at loggerheads with Attorney General

4:52 pm on 1 August 2003

The Guam Attorney General, Douglas Moylan, is acting outside his authority by opposing the Government's attempts to borrow hundreds of millions of dollars off the bond market according to the governor's office.

Mr Moylan has launched an appeal against the Supreme Court decision ruling that the governor could legally borrow on the bond market because he believes it would take the government over its debt limit.

The Governor's spokesman, Shawn Gumataotao, says Mr Moylan's actions are frustrating as the governor had first attempted to borrow the money several months ago.

"The Attorney General continues to ignore the position of all three branches of the Government ..he is clearly acting beyond the scope of his office's authority, and continues to cause great harm to the financial viability of the Government and the taxpayers who continue to wait for action on this bond"

Mr Gumataotao says the governor has made it clear he will continue to push forward despite the obstructionist actions of the Attorney-General..