22 Aug 2003

Vanuatu's Police Commissioner under review

10:36 am on 22 August 2003

A British diplomat in Vanutau has confirmed that the performance of Vanuatu's Police Commissioner, Robert Diniro, is to be reviewed.

Senior police have declined to comment on the plan which comes six months after Mr Diniro was appointed.

Press reports quoted sources as saying that he is to be replaced by a foreigner.

But the deputy British High Commissioner, Joel Watson, says the review by the Police Service Commission is a routine matter und unlikely to result in the dismissal of Mr Diniro who, he says, has done an excellent job.

Mr Watson says there is no sign that the appointment of a foreign police commissioner, as in Fiji and the Solomons, is on the cards.

"I can see where certain people have been thinking that the return to expatriate commissioners of police is the answer. Insome places it works. In some places it doesn't. I don't think Vanuatu falls in the same category as the Solomons."