26 Aug 2003

Tuvalu's prime minister to reconvene parliament next month

10:33 am on 26 August 2003

The prime minister of Tuvalu, Saufatu Sopoaga, says he now has the numbers to reconvene parliament and plans to do so next month.

Mr Sopoaga, who has the support of seven in the 15-member house, says up to three opposition MPs are expected to cross the floor and switch sides to the government.

He says he has offered one of the opposition MPs a ministerial post in cabinet but the other two are also likely to move because the opposition is in disarray.

"It seems that they are about to be dismantled. Now it's falling apart with the actions they have taken to publicly announce that the leadership has been given to someone else instead of the previous person."

Mr Sopoaga says he met the attorney general and the governor general yesterday to inform them of his plans.