26 Aug 2003

PNG minister dimisses media claim of tax increase

3:43 pm on 26 August 2003

Papua New Guinea's finance and treasury minister, Bart Philemon, says reports of increases in personal taxes by local media are false.

Mr Philemon says there's a need for a reduction in government's spending, but essential services like health, education, and law and order won't be affected.

He says he's unhappy at the backlash he's had from incorrect media coverage.

"No it's not true at all, the goverment is not looking at imposing further or increased income tax at all. I'm really very unhappy about how the Post Courier has handled that. It's baseless and it's a story that they have beat up, causing a lot of frenzy among the wage earners and I think it's quite irresponsible."

Mr Philemon

He will present his budget in the first week of parliament in two weekst.