26 Aug 2003

Solomons opposition ponders options in bid to oust PM

1:56 pm on 26 August 2003

The Solomon Islands opposition bloc says it's considering various options to oust the government which it alleges is corrupt.

Its political advisor, David Tuhanuku, says the removal of Prime Minister Sir Allan Kemakeza and his cabinet is essential to restore good governance.

This comes after the Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, warned of a frontal assault on corruption in the Solomons during his visit there yesterday.

Mr Tuhanuku says Solomon Islanders have lost confidence in Sir Allan who he claims has been plagued with allegations of corruptions.

"These have serious implications on issues of good governance and the trust that people have in the current government. Basically, the opposition would like to see the prime minister step aside, the other option open to the opposition is a motion of no confidence."

David Tuhanuku.