5 Sep 2003

Fiji senator says indigenous government is only way to peace and stability

10:23 am on 5 September 2003

A Fiji government senator of Chinese ethnicity says Fiji should be governed by indigenous Fijians if there is to be peace and stability.

The Fiji Times reports that the call has come from Senator Kenneth Low who was appointed to the Upper House by the prime minister, Laisenia Qarase.

Senator Low says Fiji does not need democracy to be peaceful.

He says there is only one Fiji and it should be governed by indigenous people and not by any other race.

Senator Low says all politicians should support an indigenous government, adding that it was an insult calling on other countries to overlook problems in the country.

Referring to ethnic Indians he said they already have economic control, and, he said, their greed for power, position, political control and posessions must give way to sacrifice, contribution, share offering, understanding and co-operation.

On the involvement of recent Chinese arrivals in high profile crimes, Senator Low said anyone found guilty should be deported.