8 Sep 2003

Fiji senator calls on authorities not to prosecute and jail nationalists

10:24 am on 8 September 2003

A Fiji senator and Bau High Chief, Adi Litia Cakobau, has called on authorities not to prosecute and jail nationalists.

Adi Litia, who resigned as deputy chair of the Great council fo Chiefs on her recent appointment to the Senate, has told the Daily Post newspaper that nowhere in the world have naitonalists been charged and put in jail.

She says she cannot understand why this is being done in Fiji.

Adi Litia has criticised the new police commissioner, Andrew Huges' decision to ask for the help of senior New Zealand police to help complete outstanding coup investigations in a transparent manner.

She is aksing whether New Zealanders would understand indigenous Fijians and nationalists.

Adi Litia says foreign investigators should not be brought in because it would not contribute to reconciliation and nation building