9 Sep 2003

Calls for international community to persuade Jakarta to hold talks on West Papua issue

11:21 am on 9 September 2003

Civil society group in Indonesia's Papua province have called on the international community to insist that Jakarta establish a dialogue to try and resolve the problems facing the province.

The call comes after six recent deaths in Timika in violence over plans to split the province, and an announcement last week that hundreds more troops are being sent to Papua.

The civil society groups say Jakarta should honour the province's commitment that it be established as a "zone of peace".

They want differences over the splitting of the province, and special autonomy put aside with the focus going trying to establish dialogue with Jakarta.

They also want international help to encourage Indonesia into talks.

Meanwhile, Paul Barber of another Indonesian human rights group, Tapol, says the faith the international community has placed in special autonomy for the province, is misplaced.


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