13 Sep 2003

Fiji government to sell Daily Post

11:11 am on 13 September 2003

The Fiji Government says it will sell off a national newspaper it bought this week to indigenous Fijian interests.

Fiji's Information Minister, Simione Kaitani says the Daily Post, one of three dailies, will be nursed into a financially healthy state before it is offered to two indigenous-owned companies.

The government bought the Daily Post on Tuesday for an undisclosed price from the national superannuation fund and other shareholders.

The move is the latest in the government's affirmative action program provided for in a Social Justice Act passed earlier this year that seeks to split control of the nation's commercial interests equally between indigenous Fijians and other ethnic groups.

The government has made no secret of its aim of redistributing the nation's wealth and property ownership patterns, which it believes are skewed substantially towards the Indian community.

Just over half of Fiji's 840,000 population are indigenous and about 44 per cent are ethnic Indian.