16 Sep 2003

Solomons public servants seek written guarantees about RAMSI role

6:18 am on 16 September 2003

The Solomon Islands Public Employees Union says it will seek a written agreement with members of the Australian-led intervention, RAMSI, in a meeting today.

The SIPEU general secretary, Clement Waiwori, says he has concerns about the 13 RAMSI appointees that have been placed in key government departments.

Mr Waiwori says there has been no consultation with his union and some of his members are worried about job security.

He says he will be requesting a memorandum of understanding from RAMSI stating that their consultants will only be placed in supervisory roles.

"And If it doesn't happen, then we will take the matter further. This could cause problems, it may have some legal implications as well, because most of the appointments, were appointed under the public service regulations, the labour laws in the Solomon Islands and RAMSI cannot just come here and do like Rambo was doing in the movies, we are not at all in a position to accept that."

Mr Waiwori says industrial action could follow if no agreement is reached.