22 Sep 2003

Fiji's military expresses concern about possible Parole Board

8:17 am on 22 September 2003

Fiji's military has expressed serious concern that the setting up of a new parole board could lead to the release of prisoners held for their role in the May 2000 coup.

The Parole Board has been promoted by the brother of the coup front man, George Speight ... the government MP, Samisoni Tikonisau.

He says it would enable the early release of those held on Nukulau Island.

The Attorney General, Qorinasi Bale, says the Cabinet has already approved the setting up of the board whihc will assess all applications for early release except for those serving life sentences.

The military says the setting up of any such Parole Board would undermine the proper maintenance of law and order.

Its spokesman, Warrant Officer Neumi Leweni, says provisions are already in place to deal with the release of prisoners.