22 Sep 2003

Fiji water problems deepen

4:26 pm on 22 September 2003

The Mayor of Lautoka says the current water crisis in Fiji's west is the same situation they experienced two years ago.

Rajen Gounder says the Public Works Department is implementing water cuts for more than fifty thousand families in a crisis described by the Minister for Works as a national disaster.

Mr Gounder says the current dry weather conditions are forecast to continue for another two months.

He says they're advising people to boil all drinking water and the to restrict the use of electricity because of critical water levels in the main hydro dam.

"What PWD is doing they're supplying water in carts and what they advise people is to use water sparingly and not to waste too much water until the situation gets better."

The Mayor of Lautoka, Rajen Gounder