29 Sep 2003

Solomons MP says wholesale government appointments to statutory bodies must end

4:42 pm on 29 September 2003

An MP in the Solomons Islands is fed up with what he calls the financial mismanagement of taxpayer's money, and the lack of accountability of people appointed to statutory bodies.

Yukio Sato says there's no transparency in the management appointments, because they are all government supporters.

Mr Sato says two years ago he declined appointments to the Postal Corporation and the Water Board.

He says he called for more disclosure of information back then, but his pleas have been ignored.

Mr Sato says he wants to see an equal number of opposition supporters appointed to give balance and transparency.

"Its a problem of the member mostly who lost seat of last election. So govt pick up and favour member of ex government and put in directorship. This is the problem. So we want at least 50 percent government side, 50 percent opposition then we can see balanced and see clear transparency."

Mr Sato says people who borrow money from such institutions must pay it back and he is calling for ministers to provide financial accounts for all statutory bodies by the end of the year.