17 Oct 2003

Ousted PNG coalition party leader says political party instability a threat to foreign investment

4:28 pm on 17 October 2003

Papua New Guinea's acting Prime Minister and ousted leader of the People's Progress Party, Dr Allan Marat says instability within the party is a threat to foreign investment.

Dr Marat was removed as PPP leader earlier this month by the party's parliamentary caucus following a groundswell of dissatisfaction among members who felt that he was not paying enough attention to their needs.

Speaking for the first time since the PPP installed Fisheries minister Andrew Baing as leader, Dr Marat told a public meeting in his Rabaul electorate that there is definitely instability in the party.

Although Mr Baing insists it's an in-house matter, Dr Marat says the PPP is part of the coalition government and whatever happens within the party affects people's perception of the government and invesment in PNG.

Dr Marat says if foreign investors are not convinced of the reasons for the change of leadership, they will have a lot of unanswered questions on their minds which will be a cause for concern.

He says he would not be prepared to be reinstated as the party leader even if he was asked by the party.