18 Oct 2003

Churches condemn money scam for missions work

9:43 am on 18 October 2003

The Fiji-based Pacific Council of churches has condemned two church members being investigated for allegedly defrauding the Western Union money transfer company.

The brother and sister are alleged to have obtained almost 200 thousand US dollars from the company.

They are alleged to have used the money to send missionaries overseas.

The Acting general secretary Reverend Lever says the case highlights a serious violation of biblical principles.

He says money needs to be earned honestly, and even more so for mission work.


We would be very concerned because the objective of any church mission would be people and not money. I mean money would be secondary. And if church was putting a focus on money, it would go against its beliefs, like if they went ahead and did something that was against biblical principals. 19

Reverend Lever KilaPat

A police spokesperson says more church members are expected to be arrested soon.