22 Oct 2003

French Polynesia could be on Euro by year's end

5:01 pm on 22 October 2003

The Government in French Polynesia says it should know by years end as to whether replacing its currency with the Euro will go ahead.

The French Polynesian president, Gaston Flosse, wants to replace the Pacific Franc with the Euro but only if it would not affect tax or financial systems.

The Government's spokesman, Yves Haupert, says the European Commission in Brussells has been asked for a ruling.

He says the Government's had no indication of the answer but expects to hear by December or January.

Mr Haupert says if there are no implications for the territory's financial and tax systems, President Flosse will hold a referendum on changing the currency.

He says the Government believes it has the support of other political parties to move to the Euro.

"So, we see that we have a consensus, about this question here, between the parties. But now we have to see if this consensus is also available for all the people who will use this money, so President Flosse says he prefer organised referendum about this question."

Yves Haupert.