27 Oct 2003

Single police association to be formed in Fiji

4:56 pm on 27 October 2003

There are plans to form a single Police Association in Fiji to represent officers rather than the several organisations currently operating.

The general secretary of the gazetted Police Officers Association, Jahir Khan, who is also Fiji police's chief of staff, says the move will give officers a stronger voice.

Mr Khan says one associaton will allow officers to have an input into pay and conditions as well as speak out about grievances more effectively.

"They have one voice and they will walk together to fight the grievances, to fight the conditions, to make sure that they are treated equally like any other government department. Before when there was a pay rise and the police were missed out, well that was it, but now I think they will be able to jointly fight that matter."

Jahir Khan, the general secretary of the gazetted Police Officers Association.