28 Oct 2003

Niue MP says schools must improve discipline to retain teachers

11:33 am on 28 October 2003

A move to recruit New Zealand teachers to schools in Niue has been welcomed by a member of the opposition.

More qualified high school teachers will be needed for a seventh form class in the National Certificate in Education Achievement scheme, according to education officials.

Independent MP Terry Coe welcomes the opportunities for New Zealand teachers, saying it will raise standards in the high school.

But Mr Coe says teachers are more likely to stay in Niue if they are prepared to enforce higher standards of discipline

"The lack of discipline in schools puts a lot of teachers off. I think this has to improve so that when we do get good teachers bcoming up from New Zealand they will want to stay for a longer period rather than just two years."

Terry Coe says teachers - who are all part of Niue's public service - will get the chance to go abroad to retrain if teachers from overseas come to Niue.

Almost three years ago, ten secondary school teachers quit in a pay rise dispute, and replacement teachers from New Zealand were hired at nearly double the cost.