10 Nov 2003

Taskforce set up in American Samoa to prevent youth suicide

4:27 pm on 10 November 2003

The head of social services at the LBJ hospital in American Samoa says a taskforce has been set up to prevent youth suicides.

Leuga Turner says taskforce is drawing together people from the governor's office, social services and health to come up with strategies after six youths took their lives in the last month and a half.

Mrs Turner says there is also a crisis line that people are being encouraged to call.

"We are putting it in the media, the radio, TV, the newspaper, and we have community discussion panels for everyone, the children and parents to call the Crisis Line and to call the officers in social services on the islands or even encourage them to utilize their church groups and ministers or the heads of their families"

Leuga Turner says the taskforce is meeting next week to work on the issue.