10 Nov 2003

PNG police commissioner wants to dismantle squatter settlements in capital

4:32 pm on 10 November 2003

Papua New Guinea's police commissioner says he wants all settlements in the capital dismantled and their residents turned to their villages.

Sam Inguba described the settlements in Port Moresby as a breeding ground for criminals who had no work and relied on crime to survive.

Mr Inguba has told the National newspaper he was shocked by the latest violence which has resulted in seven people being charged with murder, abduction, rape and arson.

The charges relate to an attack on a family that resulted in a man being shot dead, his wife and two daughters being raped and their house set on fire.

Mr Inguba said such horrific crimes would continue as long as there were settlements.

He says the government must introduce the Vagrancy Act, as every incident that warrants its implementation has already taken place.