12 Nov 2003

Fiji public servants hold rally in Lautoka to discuss strike action

4:19 pm on 12 November 2003

A rally is being held in the Fiji city of Lautoka today by public servants who are opposed to the government abolishing the cost of living adjustments or COLAs.

The secretary-general of the Nurses Association, Kuini Lutua, says it's one of a number of rallies and meetings taking place to decide whether public servants will give strike notice at the end of the month.

She says many nurses remain stuck in very low paying bands and rely on COLAs to survive.

Ms Lutua says they will listen to what nurses have to say before taking a decision on the strike.

"We will wait for what our members want and that is the reason why we are going around and conducting meetings and telling them what will happen if we accept the deal now rather than continue or ask the Government to talk to us again to improve the offer they have made so far"

The Public Service Association says 17,000 public servants are affected by the government decision.

The PSA is calling on the government to reinstate cost of living adjustments.