14 Nov 2003

Investigation underway into Solomons budget blowout

10:45 am on 14 November 2003

The chairman of the Solomon Islands Public Accounts Committee, Joses Tuhanuku, says an investigation is underway into this years budget blowout.

The finance ministry says the police overspent by 7.7 million US dollars or 57 million Solomon Islands dollars.

Some other departments, including parliament, the ministry of finance and the prime minister's department, blew their budgets earlier in the year.

The budget for 2004 has now been put together with the help of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, which will then ensure that ministries stay within budget next year.

Mr Tuhanuku says the overspending was an abuse of power.

"The 2003 budget, when they come to audit them, when they're looking into them, I think alot of people will be called in for questioning because I think what happened to the last budget was outrageous, it was really out of control."