4 Nov 2003

Tuvalu government re-affirms control of parliament

4:35 pm on 4 November 2003

Tuvalu's government has reaffirmed its control of parliament, which is meeting again.

Last month, the Opposition claimed it had a majority needed to remove the prime minister from power, and demanded a recall.

But Saufatu Sopoanga was boosted by the decision of an opposition member, Leti Pelesale, to accept a post in the cabinet.

Mr Sopoanga extended his majority when the winner of a by-election, Elisala Pita, promised to support the government.

The Secretary to Government, Panapasi Nelesoni, says the government holds nine seats compared to the opposition's six.

Mr Nelesoni says parliament is to hear a speech from the acting governor general, followed by a question and answer session.

He says members will then debate a bill on the Tuvalu Provident Fund.