6 Nov 2003

Solomon Islands parliaments to debate budget

4:55 pm on 6 November 2003

The Solomon Islands parliament will this week sit for only the second time this year and for the first time since the arrival of the Australian-led intervention force.

Parliament will begin its 2004 budget session today and is expected to run for two to three weeks.

Prior to debating next year's budget, the government will first table Supplementary Appropriation Bills to legalise overspending over the past three years.

The 2004 budget will then be tabled during the second week of parliament.

The prime minister Sir Allan Kemakeza will announce a statement of government business following the opening of parliament.

The opposition leader, John Garo, has confirmed that the opposition would not move a motion of no-confidence in the prime minister as speculated recently.

Mr Garo said the opposition would continue in its role as watch dog of the government, but recognised the need for political stability during a period he described as a cross roads in the history of Solomon Islands.