14 Nov 2003

Nuclear test veterans accuse France of inaction over compensation study promise

4:58 pm on 14 November 2003

Veterans of France's nuclear weapons tests will take their concerns to Paris after the French government ignored an undertaking to look into their claims.

President Jacques Chirac said in Tahiti last July that France would assume full responsibility for the testing and the matter would be reviewed by the government.

But the veterans association, Moruroa o Tatou, says despite that promise and the evidence presented about radiation-related sickness of those who served in Fangataufa and Mururoa, nothing has happened.

An association spokesman, Roland Oldham, says because of the inaction, veterans from the tests in French Polynesia and Algeria will present their case to the public in Paris in two weeks.

"Nothing has happened, completely, nothing there is no action, but we are hoping that by the constant work that we are doing with different organisations, like Medecins du Monde, with court cases that the French government will be forced to do something."