19 Nov 2003

EU says no conditions attached to release of aid to Fiji

4:13 pm on 19 November 2003

The European Union says there are no conditions attached to the restoration of full aid to Fiji despite there being no resolution to the multi-party cabinet impasse.

Frans Baan, who is the EU's representative in Fiji, says the conditions were met when the prime minister complied with the Supreme court ruling and invited the Labour party to join cabinet.

He says it's now an internal matter over how the multi-party cabinet is formed.

Mr Baan says the pressure worked on the Fiji government by with-holding aid until now but there's little point in continuing that because people would suffer.

"The release of aid is unconditional at this stage. So we will be putting in to place a co-operation package, as it has been announced. But, at the same time, we will continue to follow up on the political situation. But it's not conditional. The putting into place of a multi-party cabinet depends on willingness of all the political actors."

Mr Baan says he believes it may take some time to resolve the impasse.