20 Nov 2003

Early results from Marshalls election show government doing well in capital

11:08 am on 20 November 2003

Marshall Islands President Kessai Note and his United Democratic Party have received a strong vote of confidence from voters in Majuro, winning four of the five seats being contested in the capital

However, at Kwajalein, which hosts the American missile testing range, unofficial results show the opposition well on the way to controlling all three seats with six-term incumbent and UDP Senator Ataji Balos a distant fifth in the three seat race.

Our correspondent in the Marshall Islands says there are still thousands of off-island postal absentee votes that remain to be counted, so none of the races can be considered final until after December 1st, the 14 day arrival deadline allowed by Marshall Islands electoral law.

Unitl then, he says, it's impossible to predict which party will have the 17 seat majority needed to form a government.