21 Nov 2003

New Vanuatu minister says new coalition must be able to discuss problems

11:40 am on 21 November 2003

A newly appointed Cabinet Minister in Vanuatu says the success of the new coalition will depend on its ability to openly discuss problems.

The Vanuatu Prime Minister and head of the Vanuaaku Pati, Edward Natapei, this week dumped the Union of Moderate Parties from his coalition, replacing it with the National United Party and independents.

Willie Jimmy, the secretary general of the NUP and the new Minister of Trade, says the UMP could not frankly discuss problems and this is one reason its coalition failed.

"If we have any differences we have got to set it up. We have to get it on the table and discuss it and resolve it. The UMP were not able to discuss problems frankly with the others and this is a wrong concept."