25 Nov 2003

Fiji teachers union worried about exam paper leaks

5:15 pm on 25 November 2003

The general secretary of the Fiji Teachers Union says leaked examination papers may just be the tip of the iceberg.

This follows reports of some students who were found with this year's Fiji School Leaving Certificate mathematics and English papers, well ahead of scheduled examinations.

Agni Deo Singh says he's sad that prominent schools are involved in the scandal.

Mr Singh says those who are found to be guilty of leaking exams, must face the full brunt of the law regardless of whether they are printing press people, students or teachers.

"Now in a couple of days, we may discover that this is just the tip of the iceberg. We might have to then relook at the whole examination and this is going to have a very very serious implication as to how we are going to manage next year's progress of students."

He says it not only affects all awards, scholarships and university intakes, but students who work hard score lower than those who are cheating.

Mr Singh says the minister has suggested internal assessments to be an alternative, but he says if teachers are cheating, and given the opportunity to assess students internally it'll be a problem.

He says while police investigations are continuing, he has submitted that new papers be set and students resit examinations.

Mr Singh says he has arranged a meeting with the Ministry of Education this week to discuss an appointment of an independent examination board.