28 Nov 2003

Pressure for new maths paper after exam leak in Fiji

8:17 am on 28 November 2003

Pressure is growing in Fiji for all sixth formers to sit a new mathematics paper in their Fiji School Leaving Certificate examination following a scandal over the leak of exam papers this week.

The pressure is coming from the former education minister and deputy Prime Minister in the Rabuka government, Taufa Vakatale.

Ms Vakatale told the Daily Post newspaper that the ministry of education should stop being complacent and treat exam leaks seriously.

She has urged the ministry not to wait but to prepare a new maths paper immediately because this week's examination would have no value at all.

Ms Vakatale says when she was minister, they always had two sets of examination papers so if one got leaked, the second set was used in the exam proper.

She has supported the Fiji Teachers Union's call for an independent examination board, saying this will avoid practising teachers preparing exam papers and giving in to temptation to make money by selling them.

The union says all teachers who have been at fault must be arrested and jailed.

Meanwhile, police have begun their investigations into the leak by questioning education ministry officials first.