28 Nov 2003

Dumped PNG Deputy Prime Minister calls for other MPs to be censured

11:48 am on 28 November 2003

The Papua New Guinea Govenrment yesterday shied away from calling for a vote on its measure to extend the grace period before votes of no confidence can be held.

Following a failed vote on Wednesday, Andrew Baing, who voted against it, was dumped as Deputy Prime Minister and yesterday replaced by Moses Maladina, a former High Commissioner to New Zealand.

Mr Baing maintains he had to vote against the measure because that was what the party resolution required.

However some members of his People's Progress Party did vote in favour of the measure.

Our correspondent Peter Niesi reports Mr Baing is now calling for several MPs to be censured for backing the legislation.

Late yesterday he released a statement to this effect.

"In it he indicated that he has referred two cabinet ministers, Justice Minister Mark Maipakai and Trade and industry minister Paul Tiensten and three PPP MPs to be investigated for a possible breach of the Integrity Law. His indication is that they did not vote in line with the party resolution that he put through, so according to the Integrity law that is a breach."