3 Dec 2003

American Samoan jailed for 30 years in Hawaii on drugs charges

4:54 pm on 3 December 2003

An American Samoan businessman, convicted in April this year for operating a methamphetamine distribution ring in Hawaii, has been jailed for 30 years by a Federal court in Honolulu.

The US prosecutor, Kenneth Sorenson, says the stiff sentence handed out to Herman Lemusu is appropriate given the eight to ten years he was involved in the extensive drug ring.

He said the US Government also had evidence Lemusu had shipped methamphetamine to American Samoa.

The drug operation involved importing methamphetamine from Los Angeles and converting it into the drug "ice" at a laboratory in Hawaii.

Lemusu's cousin, Alofaga, was jailed for 15 years in September for his role in the operation.