3 Dec 2003

PNG Government told to forget no confidence bill after failing to pass it for a second time

6:23 pm on 3 December 2003

The Papua New Guinea Government has been told it's obliged to drop its proposed bill to give the Prime Minister a three year grace period before votes of no confidence.

The Government made a second unsuccessful attempt on Tuesday to pass the Bill.

Andrew Baing, who lost the Deputy Prime Ministership after not supporting the measure last week, says under standing orders it should lapse because of the failed vote.

But he says the Somare Government is very persistent though it will never get the votes.

Meanwhile Mr Baing says he remains firmly opposed because the measure could legitimize corruption or allow a dictatorship.

"We are not talking about Somare here, we're talking about the future. If there's another person apart from Somare, like Idi Amin for instance, they can easily remove the other political parties and ensure that there's only one party ruling. And that's very dangerous because they could undermine the whole democratic institutions that are set up."

Andrew Baing.