7 Jan 2004

Samoa not ruling out needing outside help

7:37 am on 7 January 2004

Samoa says it may yet need outside help to deal with the damage from Cyclone Heta.

High winds and seas resulted in power cuts on the western side of Savai'i and the whole of Upolu and efforts are being made to restore electricity.

Food crops have been ruined, and bridges and coastal roads damaged by rocks and debris from high seas.

The vice chair of Samoa's disaster council Va'asatia Poloma Komiti says Samoa is not ruling out the need for help.

"As soon as our initial assessment , as soon as we have taken full stock of where we are, you will appreciate we don't want to rush into making half baked requests"

American Samoa declared a state of emergency after critical infrastructure as well as public and private property in the territory was extensive damaged.