14 Jan 2004

Fiji military to make no more statements on commander

11:41 am on 14 January 2004

Fiji's military says it will make no more public statements on the position of their commander, Frank Bainimarama, whose term ends at the end of next month.

The military spokesman, Warrant Officer Neumi Leweni, has told the Daily Post newspaper that they would discuss the renewal of the commander's contract any more because the military's position on the issue is already well known.

Warrant Officer Leweni says debate on the issue has been ongoing for some time and the military has already said what it had to say.

Asked if the army had been gagged by the ministry of home affairs, he said nobody could stop the military from speaking out.

Warrant Officer Leweni said the military has said enough and the message is clear.

In recent times, political leaders, NGOs and individuals have called on the minister for home affairs to renew Commodore Bainimarama's term so he can pursue the prosecution of those involved in the coup.