19 Jan 2004

Fiji Labour Party wins Tavua Open by-election

5:48 am on 19 January 2004

The Fiji Labour Party has had a landslide win in the by-election for the Tavua Open seat.

The Labour candidate, Damordan Nair, got 6-thousand votes while the ruling SDL's Ratu Inoke Bokini won 3-thousand-300 votes and the NFP's Narendra Reddy received 19-hundred votes.

Four independents received insignificant number of votes.

Although voting is compulsory in Fiji, only 12,500 of the 18-thousand registered voters cast their ballots.

Labour's Nr Nair won an outright victory in the first count, meaning second and other preferences did not have to be counted,

This is a better result than in the general election when Labour won the seat on preferences.

The party leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, has attributed the outstanding result to solid support from the Indian community and growing support from the indigenous Fijians.