28 Jan 2004

Ombudsman in PNG may order investigation of Registrar of Political Parties

5:12 pm on 28 January 2004

The Ombudsman Office in Papua New Guinea is to make a statement today on the failure of the Registrar of Political Parties to refer eight members of Parliament for alleged misconduct.

The Registrar, Paul Bengo, is required to refer MPs who contravene the Integrity Law.

But this has not happened, as our correspondent, Peter Niesi reports.

"now during the section 145 constitutional amendment votes on November 26th, eight members of Parliament including five Cabinet Ministers, were referred to him, and he has not passed that onto the Ombudsman Commission as yet, which is causing some concern to the Commission. The Commission has indicated that it will make a statement today, but an investigation into the Registrar's actions is very much on the cards"